Still looking for a webcam? Here is my pick.

The worlds supply chain of webcams has gone bananas. COVID-19 has wrecked the industry and consequently no one can find a webcam. If you do find one, what’s the quality going to be? Maybe you don’t care. But if you do, here are my go-to’s when my friends ask for a solution.

Razer Kiyo Streaming Webcam with Adjustable Ring Light

Lights above you and windows behind you are your webcams enemy but this camera with its built in light ring helps overcome those difficult lighting challenges. Normally its $99, but today… well, its not. Buy from Amazon.

Movo MC1000 Conference USB Microphone for Computer Desktop and Laptop

While the Kiyo above has a built in mic, I’ve yet to find a webcam with a built in mic that doesn’t sound tinny and pick up every single thing in the room, including the reverberation. Long meetings need excellent sound so brains don’t have to spend more energy listening. Buy from Amazon.

Its hard to understand until you see and hear the difference…. so…. video!

Want to learn more about Sidewalk Technologies and our sweet video conferencing systems? Schedule a conversation with an expert or get a Zoom Room demo in the links below. You’ll never look at video conferencing the same!

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