Zoom Rooms Enhanced Encryption Enablement (08/15/2020)

Zoom has been in the news recently for its popularity and security. All collaboration suites have security vulnerabilities but it’s how they’re found and how the vendor responds to them that matters. Zoom has provided a text book example for how to respond to such scrutiny and I would argue its the most secure because of all the attention it received.

Zoom recently released the following email:

Upcoming scheduled maintenance notice
We will be enabling enhanced encryption for Zoom Rooms, when connecting to the Zoom Rooms Controller and to the direct share functionality of the Zoom Meetings client. This enhanced encryption requires all Zoom Rooms devices to be running version 5.0.5. Zoom Rooms Controllers (including Zoom Rooms Scheduling Displays) not running the minimum versions will no longer function.

If you have a Zoom Room service agreement with Sidewalk Technologies you’re good to go and no action is needed. We proactively managed this on your behalf and 100% of our customers had the necessary updates installed before the cutoff date.

If you want peace of mind for your conference room, board room or training room talk to an expert at Sidewalk Technologies for a free consultation.

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