How to Make Video Easy For Your Hybrid Workforce

So you’ve adapted Zoom video conferencing into your company. That’s awesome! But now as you transition from working at home to a hybrid workforce (some are at home and some are at the office) what now? Well, the same equipment you use for at video conferencing at home doesn’t work in a conference room. That’s because the normal conference room user has to

  1. Turn the TV on
  2. Change the TV input
  3. Log into the computer
  4. Log into their email
  5. Log into their video client
  6. Find the link to the meeting
  7. Join the meeting
  8. Troubleshoot the audio

But what if using a conference room was as easy as using your voice and pressing one button? What was a 10 minute frustrating experience that no one wants to go though is now a 5 second experience that is a no-brainer.

Our conferencing systems are easy to install, easy to use and make it feel like your all in the same room. Let us handle your conferencing system needs so you can focus on your business.

Message us now to get started and we’ll make using video conferencing easy and powerful for your team.

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