Thank you Experity!

Thank you Experity!

Experity Testimonial

Hi, my name is Kerri, I am the IT corporate manager here at a company called Experity, I was asked to give a little testimonial about Sidewalk Technologies and the installation of our zoom room. So I was just going to answer a few questions for you all. 

The first one, was what was it like before we had Sidewalk Tech come in and install their services and products. I mean it was before when people came in to have a meeting, it was like people were not being engaged so they were bring in their laptops and phones and you could see them typing away working on their laptops or chatting phones. Now with the video it almost makes them a little more accountable and it gives them the opportunity to see who’s on the other side of the line. So you tend to pay more attention to the people you are talking too cause you like to look them in the eye when your chatting. I think it’s made a huge difference here. We have installed four rooms now and we are very happy with what we have right now at Experity

What made Sidewalk Tech stand out? Probably just their customer service. As soon as we met them we sat down with them and they kind-of gave us a demonstration of what we’re gonna get into by installing zoom here and you just kind-of felt at home. They were easy to talk to, you just knew you were going to get good customer service and they haven’t let us down. Anytime I can walk in and if I’ve got an issue with my zoom room they are super quick to answer and give suggestions. And we really haven’t had any issues, it’s been amazing!

What would you tell someone considering Sidewalk Tech business? DO IT! They will set you up from beginning to end and help you all the way through it. Give you demonstrations and help your customers out to learn zoom, if they don’t know how to do it. And it’s just it’s amazing and worth it and yes you should do it. 

The last question, Is there anything else you would like to comment or say about Sidewalk Tech or their products? And I just want to thank Sidewalk Technologies for making this a successful venture for us. Our finance guy is always a little leary about some of the things we spend money on. And this one, was one that was money well spent. We appreciate all the time, effort and customer support and just from our side of it Experity we just want to say thank you. 

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