Is Your Technology Vendor Right for Video Conferencing? Part 2

Is Your Technology Vendor Right for Video Conferencing? Part 2
Posted by Ryan Sweeter

Did you contact them about video first? 
Did your technology provider introduce you to first-class video conferencing, or did you reach out to them? If you reached out to them about video it may not be a core skill/competency that they value or possess. To know video conferencing, you need to use video conferencing on a regular basis, and once you experience good video conferencing, you use it all the time and want to share it. 

Do they provide the bare minimum camera quality and count it as “video?”
Technically speaking, any camera at any location in a room that allows the people in the meeting to see each other counts as a video conference. But if your provider doesn’t understand the psychology of video conferencing, then they might undervalue what it takes to deliver a quality experience.

From its beginning video technology has slowly improved. In 2000, we marveled at the ability to attach a camera to a computer that gave us that choppy, sort of discolored and unreliable video, but hey, video! We expect more now, and we specialize in delivering a quality video experience to our customers.

Do you feel like they value relationships?
Relationships matter and it’s why we meet in person. If your technology vendor never invites you to a video meeting but defaults to phone or email, then they probably don’t walk the video conferencing walk. 

Anyone who provides you with video conferencing services should value an in-person conversation. If they don’t, then they may not understand the details necessary to make it so your users actually perceive value in the video conferencing.

In summary
We believe that using video conferencing forms stronger and more meaningful relationships, is about a billion times better than email and makes it possible to incorporate into your culture with the right provider.

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