An Inside Look: How are you different from IT?

An Inside Look: How are you different from IT?
Posted by Amos Kittelson


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>>Amos: So video conferencing it’s right in between IT and audio/video integration. IT is in their sort of their silo and they do IT very well.  They do servers and workstations and printers very well. But then there is Audio Video Integrators and they do things like video distribution very well and maybe they do audio very well but they don’t do IT side of things. We are right in the middle were we have a working knowledge of IT and audio video integration and that is what is really necessary to make video conferencing work. 

>>Amos: We love giving customer support and really good customer support…not that “let’s put you on hold “type customer support or “press a number…call this extension”. We want interactive customer support because that’s what I would want. That we are here to help you, that type of customer support. That type of service, that makes you feel calm and comfortable.

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Amos Kittelson is owner/president of Sidewalk Technologies. He is passionate about his customers and their use of technology to communicate.

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