Is Your Technology Vendor Right for Video Conferencing? Part 1

Is Your Technology Vendor Right for Video Conferencing? Part 1
Posted by Ryan Sweeter

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, then you might want to reconsider your provider’s ability to provide video conferencing that you will use regularly and appreciate.

Do they want to put the camera on top of the TV?
This goes back to the psychology of video conferencing, and serves as an instant indicator that you should look elsewhere for a more professional video conferencing provider.

When you meet in person, you meet at eye level, and your video conferences should and can replicate that experience. The technology allows us to create the in-person experience through high-quality video and sound, with an easy-to-use system that does not require a degree in information technology.

Do they give you a remote control(s) a mouse and a keyboard?
Adding remote controls, a mouse or a keyboard instantly makes video conferencing more complicated. The extra equipment means that you need to turn things on, and keyboards suggest that you need to input at least one password, maybe more. Click here and log in there… it gets cumbersome quickly! A good video system is ready to start a meeting the second you walk into the room.

At Sidewalk Technologies, we don’t ship extra remote controls, a mouse or a keyboard with our system for just that reason, they create an automatic barrier to building better relationships.

Do they ever proactively reach out to solve real or potential problems?
Do they call you to let you know there is an issue or do you call them when it breaks? This can be huge, because you generally notice the issue when you need to use the system. Picture this, you set up a big meeting with several different remote locations, only to find out your system doesn’t work. That’s the last time you’ll use that system. 

The team at Sidewalk Technologies monitors your system, tracks product trends, updates to hardware, software and firmware, and can access your video conference system remotely to update or solve any potential issues before they happen, so your when you gather your team for the big meeting, your system works.

In summary
We believe that using video conferencing forms stronger and more meaningful relationships, is about a billion times better than email, and makes it possible to incorporate into your culture with the right provider.

Subscribe below for part 2 next week. Until then we’d love to setup a video conferencing demo for you, so you can see and hear the Sidewalk Technology.

Ryan is passionate about writing and telling stories to inspire new uses of technology and innovative ideas.

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