An Inside Look: What’s important to you?

An Inside Look: What’s important to you?
Posted by Amos Kittelson


>>Amos: I love providing good customer service and helping people use technology. That’s just something that, ya know, gets to me. We like seeing our customers happy and see that they get to use the video conferencing system and that helps them have a better relationship with their clients, or their co-workers, then that’s a great feeling!

>>Amos: Interaction with people is something that’s also very important to me. And so video conferencing is a great marriage of relationships and technology and improving an experience for users.

>>Amos: My wife and my kids are the joy of my life, we have four beautiful kids: 1 boy and 3 girls. I work to support them, provide them a quality of life and I hope to teach them and help them start their own business…should they should choose to do that in the future.

>>Amos: I think our relationship with Christ is the most important, at least it is for me. If I can model that and hopefully pass some of that onto our customers and to our staff… it matters a lot.


Amos Kittelson is owner/president of Sidewalk Technologies. He is passionate about his customers and their use of technology to communicate.

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