Can a phone call be confusing?

Can a phone call be confusing?
Posted by: Amos Kittelson

>>Amos: Hey, has this ever happened to you?


>> Ryan: Hello?

>>Amos: Hey, Ryan how you doing?

[Clunk sound…deep exhale]

>>Amos: Oh, bad time?

>> Ryan: No, I can talk.

>>Amos: No, it’s OK. I’ll call you back.

[Hang up]


>>Amos: So without seeing Ryan, it sounded like he was having a bad day when I called but actually here’s what really happened.

[Ringtone- ♫♫A few times been ‘round that track so it’s not just gon…♫♫]

>> Ryan: Hello,

[cluck sound… deep exhale]

>> Ryan: No I can talk

>> Ryan: OK

>>Amos: So it turns out Ryan wasn’t having a bad he was just having a bad moment and since I couldn’t see him I didn’t know that.

>>Amos: When your meeting with people you want it to be like in person. And a phone isn’t like in person. That’s why when you use video conferencing you’ll actually see that you start, wave, and smile and use eye contact more.

>>Amos: That’s good for your relationship and that’s good for the communications.

>>Amos: So for more tips and tricks on how to make video conferencing work for you, click on subscribe, mash that bell button and we’ll see you next time.


>>Amos: Sounds different… Hey, feels different

>> Ryan: This is gonna be some good bloopers.

>> Ryan: That’s what we can do right?!

>>Amos: aaaahhh

>>Amos: BaaAAAHHH

>> Ryan: Inhale

>> Ryan: Inhale

>> Ryan: Inhale


>> Ryan: I’m an inhaler not an exhaler, or whatever.

>>Amos: What do ya think of that?

>>Ryan: No..

>> Ryan: Inhale …


>> Film Crew: That was good!

Amos Kittelson is owner/president of Sidewalk Technologies. He is passionate about his customers and their use of technology to communicate.

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