Video: How Video Conferencing Can Look

Video: How Video Conferencing Can Look
Posted by Amos Kittleson

Video: How Video Conferencing Can Look
The goal of video conferencing is to replicate the in-person meeting experience but far too often the technology gets in the way and you feel the disconnect. Watch to what see we mean.

>>Amos: Do your video conferences look like this?

>>Amos: How about this?

>>Amos: How about this?

>>Amos: Who am I?

>>Amos: You can’t even see me… this doesn’t feel like this is in person!

>>Amos: The goal of video conferencing is to replicate the in-person meeting experience but far too often the technology just feels like it’s getting in the way psychologically you feel that so you’re less likely to use video conferencing.

>>Amos: Stick around to see some A B comparison between good and bad video conferencing set-ups.

[intro music]

>>Amos: We recorded a few different camera angles to give you some examples of a disconnected video conference experience.

[fuzz sound on TV]

[writing sound]

>>Amos: On first glance this doesn’t look to bad. The camera is close to eye level and you can see all or part of three people… but there are actually 5 people at the table but the camera angle is way off.

[writing sound]

>>Amos: And now you can see them all

>>Amos: Now let’s rewind and check this out again

[rewind sound]

>>Amos: Look at this video its grainy, its washed out, you just know there is a camera in between you and the other person you can feel they are not sitting in front of you. Clearly that’s technology getting in the way.

>>Amos: So who is this? Who is this person? Clearly there is someone there but I can’t see their face in this video you cant see the other person so psychologically you feel like you’re not in the same room with them.

[Rewind sound]

>>Amos: So who’s this person in the background? What are they even doing?

>>Amos: Distractions in a video conference also make you feel like you’re not meeting person because sometimes people don’t take them seriously.

[rewind sound]

>>Amos: Now check out this shot, sure you can see everyone but your a spectator you’re definitely not part of the meeting this is technology again getting in the way.

>>Amos: Look at this camera angle doesn’t this look much better. You’re a part of the meeting. Don’t you feel like you are sitting at the same table? Isn’t that more in person?

>>Amos: Here at Sidewalk Technologies, we pride solutions to make video conferencing the best it can be and feel more like in person so that tech is not getting in the way.

>>Amos: Follow us on our email list, subscribe to this channel for more tips and tricks on how to do video conferencing awesomely. Have a great day! Peace.

[outro music]


>>Amos: Is that enough?

>>Amos: Hi, here I am.

>>Amos: I’m lucky I got all that in one!

>> Person Two :That was really good.


Amos Kittelson is owner/president of Sidewalk Technologies. He is passionate about his customers and their use of technology to communicate.

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