I Looked Him In The Top Of The Head, And I Knew For Sure That He Was Telling The Truth.

I Looked Him In The Top Of The Head, And I Knew For Sure That He Was Telling The Truth.
Posted by Ryan Sweeter

By nature, people look for truth in someone’s eyes. At an in-person meeting, you sit next to and across the table from each other, looking your colleagues in the eye. During the meeting, the people at the table share thoughts and ideas with consistent eye contact, which allows everyone in the room to read social cues, body language and emotions.

At Sidewalk Technologies, we replicate the in-person meeting experience, for those in the room and for those at remote sites. By using high definition cameras placed at eye level, high definition displays and top-quality speakers and microphones, everyone gets a seat at the table, literally or virtually.

Why does that matter? Giving everyone a seat at the table allows your team to look each other in the eye and read those social cues and emotions, and while it may be easier to go to your local electronics store and find a web camera and place it on top of a monitor, remember that nobody ever looked anyone in the top of the head as they shook hands to close a deal.

Camera placement often out of convenience; close to power, internet or computer inputs,  not out of its intent or purpose to replicate the feeling of an in-person meeting. When that happens, you end up seeing the top of peoples’ heads and not the integrity in their eyes.

For more context, refer to our previous post “Why Camera Angles Matter”. https://sidewalktech.com/blog/why-camera-angles-matter

We make camera positioning in our video conferencing systems a priority, contact us to learn more.

Ryan is passionate about writing and telling stories to inspire new uses of technology and innovative ideas.

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