Putting Our Products to Work… For Ourselves

Putting Our Products to Work… For Ourselves
Posted by Ryan Sweeter

We Use What We Sell. Does Your Video Conferencing Vendor Use What They Sell? Practicing What We Preach; – Posted April 30th, 2019. We talk a lot about how great our Zoom Rooms work for other companies, and they work great for us too, especially when an April blizzard kept some of our team out of the office, but not out of our meeting.

We needed to get a big project wrapped up and ready to ship to a client, but the snow, ice and wind kept the project manager from getting into the office, and we needed his expertise to complete a few final tests.

Ideally, he would join us in person, but rather than risk injury or worse on icy roads, we brought him into the lab virtually, which worked really well!

The sound came through perfectly on the Nureva HDL 300 room microphone, we clearly heard him and he clearly heard us, even when we moved around the lab into different rooms. Sure, we spoke up a little when we went beyond the manufacturer’s recommended 30-feet, but it still sounded natural.

The best part though, we gave him control of the Aver CAM520, and he could maneuver and zoom the camera to get in close to the project details. We propped up some parts to give him a better viewing angle, which worked and we shipped on time.

This situation reinforced our own philosophy. Nothing beats face-to-face meetings, but when you can’t meet in person, our video conferencing is a close second, and while it’s possible that he could’ve walked us through it on the phone, it would’ve taken more time, with more potential for miscommunication.

Our products overcame distances, kept our project on track and our staff safe and they can do the same for you.

Ryan is passionate about writing and telling stories to inspire new uses of technology and innovative ideas.

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