High Tech Results with Low Tech Solutions

High Tech Results with Low Tech Solutions
Posted by Ryan Sweeter

Blocks of Wood

A high-quality video conference requires high-tech tools and expert knowledge through every step of the process to ensure that the customer receives a reliable, easy-to-use and full-featured system.

At Sidewalk Technologies, we use the best components on the market to deliver our clients the best possible product. We also use poster board and scrap wood.

You read that correctly. Poster board and scrap wood, but let me explain.

Let’s start with the poster board. After installing two 65-inch displays, we put the HD camera at eye level between the displays. This brings the remote members of the meeting into the room with a virtual seat at the table. It also creates a small void between the monitors, so we use a piece of black poster board to fill that gap. A simple and effective solution that keeps the setup neat and clean.

As for the wood… To properly mount the camera at eye level between the displays, and with the appropriate bracket, we sometimes need to extend the camera base a couple of inches from the wall. Instead of finding some high-priced bracket extender that gets hidden on the wall behind the displays with the cords, we used some scrap wood, precisely cut, sanded and painted black.

Despite being hidden, the wood looks good, easily holds the weight of the camera and costs almost nothing.

Ryan is passionate about writing and telling stories to inspire new uses of technology and innovative ideas.

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