The Perceived Value of Video Conferencing

The Perceived Value of Video Conferencing
Posted by Amos Kittelson

The perceived value of video conferencing

We perceive the most value when we meet in person, but that can’t always happen, so we go with the next best option, video conferencing. When video conferencing is expertly implemented, it can be more beneficial for your business and your team than you might realize. On the flip side, when video conferencing is poorly implemented you are not likely to see the ROI you had hoped for.

For example, a poor video conference makes those attending feel the disconnection instantly. When meeting in person, you don’t sit on opposite ends of the room, but all too often this is how video conferencing is setup and that’s exactly how it feels, distant. When you’re sitting far away in a video conference, you don’t get the same perceived value as if you’re sitting at the table with the other people in the meeting. Let’s face it, it’s weird and everyone knows the technology is getting in the way of the authenticity of the meeting.

Also, if the audio is bad and you can’t have a fluid conversation like you would in person, you know the technology is there and again you feel its impact on the authenticity of the meeting.

Before purchasing, ask the people who will be using the video conferencing how important the in-person meeting experience is to them.

And for help setting up video conferencing that feels in person, contact us today.

Amos Kittelson is owner/president of Sidewalk Technologies. He is passionate about his customers and their use of technology to communicate.

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