Catholic Diocese of Sioux Falls Testimonial

Catholic Diocese of Sioux Falls Testimonial
Posted by Amos Kittelson

As we make a difference in peoples lives with our services we’re overjoyed to work with others who have a similar mission. Such is the case with the Catholic Diocese of Sioux Falls. With a Zoom Room system, 180 degree camera and room microphone they can effortlessly use video conferencing to build better relationships and more meaningful conversations with their ministries.

The Diocese of Sioux Falls entails 120 parishes and many other ministries located all across eastern South Dakota.Since investing in the Zoom Room technology and utilizing the Zoom Meeting platform, we’ve noted a profound change in the way that meeting participants located at remote sites are able to contribute to the dialogue. Particularly during inclement weather, the technology has enabled us to gain the important insights that distant locations uniquely bring to meetings while saving individuals the hassle and danger of vehicle travel. The investment we have made has led to immediate and apparent benefits as initiatives undertaken by the Church and its ministries can be better refined through perspectives we gain expediently using this seamless technology.

Catholic Diocese of Sioux Falls


Amos Kittelson is owner/president of Sidewalk Technologies. He is passionate about his customers and their use of technology to communicate.

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