Lifescape Testimonial

Lifescape Testimonial
Posted by Amos Kittelson

Sidewalk Technologies has been honored to work with Lifescape, an organization that empowers children and adults with disabilities to lead fulfilling lives. Here’s what Tonya had to say about our products a services.

“We cannot imagine having gone through our CEO hiring process without Zoom; it is professional and has been a timesaver for everyone involved! We are now holding a portion of our Director and Sr. Leader meetings via Zoom (approximately 30 staff) giving the option of gathering together or joining the meetings from their individual office, and utilizing the chat tool for questions and comments. This has been a great resource in providing leader time efficiency rather than asking staff to travel from our multiple locations. They are thankful for the “gift of time”. We are also “Zooming” some of our staff trainings across our various campuses! With every new use of Zoom, Amos and staff are always available to troubleshoot and work with first-timers to ensure we are all comfortable with the technology and process of video conferencing. Zoom and Sidewalk Technology have positively changed how we conduct meetings and trainings!”

Thanks much!

And thank you Tonya!

Amos Kittelson is owner/president of Sidewalk Technologies. He is passionate about his customers and their use of technology to communicate.

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